With over twenty years of experience our fully qualified and certified instructor team comes from military, law enforcement and competition shooting background. Bringing the best knowledge, shooting techniques, drills and technical expertise to our courses we evaluate each aspect of student performance by providing instant feedback and personalized coaching so you can grow in knowledge, skill and awareness.

We conduct our courses in Malta, however we can send an instructor/s anywhere in the world. Our training is based on real world experience and constant testing and evaluation. Whether you are just beginning
your journey into the world of firearms or you are an experienced law enforcement officer10847210_1549382358683769_3025166658266229402_o, military, or an avid competitive shooter we have a program that is right for you.

Our instructors stay current on the latest shooting techniques by attending continuing education courses, to offer their students the most current practical shooting applications. We hope you choose Tier One to be “Your Trainer for Life.”


Legal Note

All courses and workshops are available to anyone that is in possession of all legal licenses required by his/her country or by the Arms Act 2005.

Some courses are restricted to serving Military and Law Enforcement personnel only.